Air Conditioning Emergency

Our air conditioning system went out in the middle of summer. We called Alley Heating & Air right away, which, if you’ve ever spent a summer in Sacramento, you know why we didn’t waste time.
It’s not exceptionally hot in the summer, but if your air conditioning in Sacramento goes out, you won’t be able to think about much else at all. It’s a dry heat that rises into the 100s on the regular. So it can get pretty uncomfortable (read: miserable) if the air conditioning isn’t working.
But Alley Heating & Air was able to make it out to our home fast, despite the influx of everyone else trying to get their air conditioners up and working. They made it the same day (which I think can be considered magical) and got it fixed in no time at all.
After enduring a night of no air conditioner, it was certainly worth it to have someone come fix it as soon as humanly possible. That day it reached almost 105 degrees, so we were pretty glad that we called right as soon as we realized it was broken.
We made sure to get their card so that we could have it on hand if something malfunctioned again. We know they did a great job, but we weren’t sure how our heating would hold up. It is older than God, it seems like, and is always breaking. I am glad to have someone on-hand to repair an air conditioner or heater in Sacramento when we need them.
We will continue to recommend Alley Heating and Air to our friends and family because we trust their service and know that they will be able to get everything back and ready in no time!
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